Richard Schreiber aka “Shannon”- Quick Profile

Richard Schreiber was one of my roommates while I was in the fraternity. Like Trey Wattson, he was a year younger than me. Shannon Schreiber was the type of guy everyone loved, funny and smart. He knew how to push people’s buttons to win them over. I respect Richard Schreibers people skills and his charisma. Mr. Schreiber is also an excellent budding writer. Shannon transferred schools after his freshman year from UW to Santa Clara to be closer to his girlfriend (who he later broke up with) and his family. I had an interview with Chevron about a year and a half ago that turned into a notorious adventure and I have a lot of other stories involving Richard, however I need his permission to publish them here for people’s entertainment. Shannon, send me a message or call me if you’re okay with me putting something up. I’d like to do an interview… look at the interviews I have done with Faryar Faramarzi or Arcadia Corbett for examples.

Joel got suckered by Metropolitan Park Apts.

I moved yesterday from the old condo on Eastlake with big, gay Brent to my new studio on 6th and Washington at the Metropolitan Park Apartments with a kind friend’s assistance.

Buyer’s remorse has started to set in already. I am paying $925 rent + $75 parking for the new studio. Don’t get wrong, I think I will enjoy living there; it’s just that I’m paying 20-35% more than I should be for what I’m getting. If I had put more thought into it and not been hurried, I probably would’ve kept looking. The Metropolitan Park Apts complex is located at 601 S Washington St. Seattle, WA 98104 and can be reached at 206-682-7600. The secured building has a nice rooftop deck, a small gym with a sauna and a manned front office. My studio is small, about 15 ft x 25 ft.. around 400 sq ft, though they advertised it as 500. I have new carpets and the appliances are okay, but the place has seen better days. The greatest benefit for me is that I am now a mere 6 blocks from work. I have a porch overlooking the street outside with some pleasant trees and a little park to look at… along with tons of sketchy homeless people. While I was moving in, I must’ve seen a couple dozen bums meandering up and down the road. I think I’m going to have to buy a can of mace or a gun to be on the safe side lol. I have a 6 month lease and will probably move out once its up.

Pictures will be coming soon, once I get internet and my computers up and running.

Enjoying the moment

I am a driven, ambitious person and I generally surround myself with similar people. My friends are very intelligent people who are rapidly forging themselves into great successes. Many of them, myself included, never seem to be satisfied with what we have achieved so far. I think that this is a good thing, but we also need to pause to enjoy what we have and the moment we are in.

I am grateful for what life has given me. I went through some hardships when I was younger, but without those, I don’t think I would be able to fully appreciate the quality of life that I now have. I don’t have much stability, but that’s not what I want at this point. I have a solid job at an interesting start-up company, an awesome group of friends, romance, great health and I live downtown in beautiful Seattle. Eventually, I want to get an MBA or JD.. or both, make one hell of a lot of money, find my “twwwuuue wuv” (Princess Bride haha), travel the world, improve my writing, and try as many new experiences as I can.

How to get more visitors and traffic on your blog or website

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Looking for cheap U-District Seattle bars and clubs?

The best bars the University District in Seattle has to offer if you are a student, homeless person or cheapskate:

Cheapest bars in the University District:

Earls on the Ave. No place in Seattle is cheaper to get drunk at than Earls. A little old lady named Michelle works there and fills up your pint glass to the top with hard liquor and then tops it off with a teensy-weensy squirt of mixer. 1 drink will make a 120 pound girl blackout, 2 drinks will get a big guy drunk, 3 drinks will make him puke and 4 drinks will have him holding onto the ground so he doesn’t fall off. $4 for the daily drink special which goes all day. 4720 University Way N Seattle, WA 98105. 206-525-4493

Dante’s. Old school decorations and lots of pool tables make this a fun bar to hit, but it is priced a bit on the higher end for the U-District. 206-525-1300. 5300 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98105

The Irish Immigrant. Frat-tastic bar with a pretty shitty interior but occasionally has good drink specials. 206-525-2955. 5260 University Way Seattle, WA 98125

Tommy’s Bar and Nightclub. Don’t go to Tommy’s unless you are pure ghetto and want to get your ass kicked by a bunch of thugs. The thugs took over this bar about two years ago and recently even the bouncer outside got shot in the head. If you do go, be sure to bring your SEAL team as backup. 206-634-3144. 4552 University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105

The RAM. Decent deals on Sunday night after 9- half off your tab, making this overpriced restaurant bar worth a visit. 206-525-3565. 4730 University Village Seattle, WA 98105

The Seven Seas Restaurant w/ cocktails! One of the best kept secrets in the cheap alcoholics Seattle scene, the Seven Seas is a little Chinese restaurant with a cocktail lounge in the back that serves cheap drinks and great Chinese food. Not very classy though lol. (206) 522-3863. 8914 Lake City Way Ne, Seattle

The woman’s perspective on dating me: an analogy

“She’s been out fishing in a little boat for most of her adult life, trying to make a quality catch. Thus far, she’s had little success, mostly pulling in garbage and minnows that she just throws back and occasionally she might get a decent trout or maybe even tuna. After a lifetime of shit she’s ready to call it quits and draw up her line and go home with her sorry take. Then she feels a sudden strong tug. Another jerk knocks her to her knees. She jumps up and grabs the trusty fishing pole as her line pulls taut. Her eyes follow the line out and there is a breath-taking sight: she has an enormous killer whale on her line. When he dives again, she has a decision to make: do the wise thing and cut the line or put everything at risk and try to reel in the grandest catch of them all?”

1999 Blue Ford Contour Review: Problematic and Fugly

I have driven an aging blue Ford Contour for the last couple of years and it has been a trusty transportation device (except for when the brakes exploded). I have put approximately 20k miles on it, mostly shuttling myself back and forth between Seattle and my grandparent’s house in Puyallup. The Ford Contour is pretty roomy, which is great for tall guys. The Contour also is the least romantic vehicle ever made. It’s not-so-ballsy 4 banger engine will get you around, but not fast. The smooth lines do not compare to those of Ford’s better vehicles, such as the Mustang, or cars from better makers like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, or just about any other car maker in existence.

I can’t wait to purchase a better vehicle. I want to get something with some balls and fire… Suggestions?

How to Books Automotive

Sometimes you need to fix your car, truck, minivan or SUV. Unfortunately, many times when you need to do this repair work, you are flat broke. If you are in this situation you need to be able to fix your vehicle yourself.

Fixing your own auto with no knowledge of how to do so can be incredibly challenging. Fortunately, there are some very helpful repair manuals out there that you can use.

How to books on Automotives, airplanes, golf carts and whatever else you need can be found here.

Another good source of repair manuals is Haynes Repairs Manuals, which can be found on this website.

Car care can be really difficult, so make it easier on yourself with step-by step how-to guide books. How to care for your automobile books are really important for those who are trying to save a buck.

“Poo Goatee”

Yesterday, my purty smile took a hit.

I rode my bike to Rachelle’s house and had a nice dinner of salmon salad and wine. At around 5:30ish, I was riding my bike back home to meet a friend. As I was cruising down 3rd street downtown, my bike chain suddenly locked up and the next thing I knew I was lying on my face in the street. I laid there for a couple of seconds in shock, then started to wiggle body parts one by one. When I discovered that everything was still fully operational I hopped to my feet and surveyed the situation.

I heard a drizzling sound and looked down and realized my chin had been cut open pretty bad was leaking blood all over the street. Some kind gentleman stopped and gave me a first aid kit, which I used to cover up my chin temporarily. I felt something hard in my mouth and poked it out with my tongue and realized that I had lost half of a rear molar when I faceplanted on the asphalt with my chin. I pulled it out and stuck it in my pocket. Interestingly enough nothing really hurt, I was just pissed off. My bicycles frame and handlebars got mangled pretty good too.

I started calling friends to see if there was anyone who could give me a ride home. Rachelle was shopping with her brother and they didn’t think they could fit my bike in their car, Fletch was in Packwood and the few others I called didn’t pick up. So I started to try to hail a cab.

Apparently cabbies are afraid of helping bloody people, because I must’ve had twenty cabs drive by with the drivers shaking their heads before one finally stopped. It’s helpful to be reminded sometimes that you can only rely on yourself lol.

When I got home, I took my first look at my chin in the mirror. I had a little second mouth hanging open. Before my friend arrived a half hour later, I took some pretty pictures. The gash was about an inch deep, but the bleeding had mostly stopped up. All the pictures are from before I went to the ER, except for the last two with the shiny antibiotic shit on my face. The little white thing on the counter is the broken part of my tooth. I had to get a tetanus shot too.
My very kind friend drove me to the ER and laughed and joked with me the whole way there and kept me giggling the whole time they put in all the stitches. I owe her a huge favor. By far the best time I’ve ever had with doctors around… even the doctor stitching me up kept laughing. Good times.

Damage report: I now have 3 deep-tissue stitches holding the inside of the wound together and 7 stitches on the top. My tooth has a temporary cap on it and I’m going to have to visit my orthodontist ASAP. The doctor said I’m going to have a pretty gnarly scar under my chin.

Some of the best ER jokes:

Me: “Want to make out with my second mouth?

Friend: “I’m glad we can keep you in stitches!”

Me as the doctor sprayed saline solution on the laceration and some got in my face: “It’s like a day at the beach!”

Friend to doc: “Will he still be as pretty as before?” Doc: “No”

Mating Ostriches

I was bored and so I watched a show on Animal Planet about ostriches mating. Male ostriches fluff out their wings and feathers and do weird dances for the females for sometimes days on end to convince the female to mate. When the female is ready, she sits on the ground in a weird way and the male runs over and flops down on her back. I watched it happen a few times, but still didn’t get how the anatomy worked. I couldn’t even see if the ostrich had a dick. Television is a shitty educator.

The whole process reminded me of humans in a pretty funny way. Males have to jump through a bunch of seemingly pointless hoops to spread their seed. Sports, dancing, money, looks, cars, intellectual fervor, muscles, clothing, personality, homes… all aimed at demonstrating what a great mate the male can be.

When two male ostriches hunted a female at the same time, they would hoot at each other and shake their flightless wings to try to frighten away the other. Occasionally, they battle, leaving one ostrich badly maimed. C’mon guys, human men have figured this out. Bros before hos. No need to kill for a few short minutes of fun. But biology’s a bitch. Damned hormones.