Special Interests Destroying America

Right now in America we are struggling. It seems that people are most interested in taking everything they can out of the system for themselves.

People taking social security disability and medicare and unemployment benefits who are perfectly able to work are the biggest group.

Corporations on government subsidies and protections get even more money than individuals taking government benefits.… read more “Special Interests Destroying America”

Full General AI Is Here


Watch the video of making a rocketship. If what OpenAI portrays here is truly how effective the Codex tool is, full general AI is here.

What happens next: humans have replaced using humans as slaves with using fossil fuels to do that work. But fossil fuels are limited and inefficient. Machines will now use humans as efficient, green, cheap, replaceable slaves.

Scams By Attorneys: Class Action Lawsuits, ADA Lawsuits

Attorneys find lots of ways to twist the law to scam the citizens of America, but there are very few ways as horrifying as what attorneys do using class action lawsuits.

I actually am supposedly in a harmed class for multiple class action lawsuits that would give me money, including for a Blue Cross Blue Shield class action settlement, another for a company I was an investor in, and a couple of others.… read more “Scams By Attorneys: Class Action Lawsuits, ADA Lawsuits”

How to Build a Toddler Stand To Wash Hands – DIY

I built the toddler stand so they can get up to the sink and wash their hands.

Building this toddler stand is quite easy. It just needs to be matching the height of a countertop which for me was 36 in tall. You only want it about 20 in deep so that it gives room to walk behind it.… read more “How to Build a Toddler Stand To Wash Hands – DIY”

“Mean Bugs” part 2

Probably 30 wasps between the two jars.

Wasps fly into the kiddie pool to collect water to build their nests. I sit nearby with my jar. If you move smooth and quick you can catch them before they take off. Then they just fly to the top of the container. I sit the container upside down on the surface of the water between wasps.… read more ““Mean Bugs” part 2”

Why Is the University of California Dropping the SAT? – The Atlantic


Getting rid of standardized testing is a bad idea. Standardized tests are a better indicator of success in college than GPA is. If we get rid of standardized tests, we should get rid of GPAs too. I would not have gotten into college without standardized tests.

Also, why does “anti-racism” seem to be trying to bring back racist policies, just flipped around?… read more “Why Is the University of California Dropping the SAT? – The Atlantic”