Parenting Advice: the 17 year old success

Who has raised the best children you can think of? How did those people parent their kids from a young age on up?

I ran across a 17 year old recently who lives and works like he is a successful 27 year old adult. He is mature, knowledgeable about his work, focused, and a great communicator. So how was he raised?

He is one of ten children. I think having many siblings is the natural environment for humans to be raised in. Prior to birth control, most kids would have around that number of siblings. An environment with many siblings generally means that kids get more responsibility earlier and have to help their parents and younger siblings.

The parents also home school their kids to a certain extent. Home schooling means kids don’t pick up the disastrous bad habits their peers are currently sharing in public school. Home school kids don’t get sucked into a vacuous popularity concept where the winner is usually the least fit for adult life. I have never seen the 17 year old on social media or doing other time wasting phone things. Home school means that from a young age, the kids can gain the benefit of going to work with their parents and learning how to be a success.

The 17 year old has also been working with his dad every day now for years. It means he has built up a wealth of knowledge and practical skills that will serve him well his entire life. He understands how money works and how to communicate with adults. He knows when it is time to be serious and how to be focused.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.