Plan For a Better Life: Business Cheat Sheets

Better Life - Business Cheat Sheet

Download the Better Life Plan Cheat Sheet PDF here.

  • General health

    • Life is a wonderful, amazing and rare gift. Maximize your enjoyment of it by taking care of your body. You take care of your body now, it will take care of you as you get old.

    • Never smoke, avoid drinking more than 3 glasses of wine in a week (and no more than 2 in a sitting), never take prescription or illegal drugs.

  • Nutrition

    • Eat at least 2,000 calories a day (2-4 separate meals, the biggest one being breakfast)

    • Majority of diet should be vegetables, some fruit, seeds, nuts, fish

    • A blender drink a day is one of the healthiest and most consistent ways to eat a big healthy breakfast

  • Exercise

    • Vigorously exercise at least 4 times a week

    • Do strength training of some sort

    • Do cardio/ endurance training of some sort

    • Do flexibility training of some sort

    • Pick an activity that is fun for you that meets the above needs (yoga, group running, volleyball, etc)

  • Finances

    • Save at least 25% of your income every pay period. Just take your paycheck and put money straight from it into a savings account. Pretend you make only 70% of what your actual paycheck is and budget your life accordingly.

    • If you have less than 25% of your annual income saved, save 50% of your income every pay period until you get this rainy day fund built up

    • Once you have 25% of your annual income saved, move this fund into a Scottrade investment account.

  • Career

    • Understand the business owner’s need for good team members and fill these needs to get the maximum promotions and raises you can:

      • Reliable: show up before official start every day and work later when necessary

      • Productive: work with focus and energy and passion. Find ways to improve your job and get more done than we were able to get done before.

      • Attitude: have a smile on your face and be willing to try anything to help the company improve. Make other people around you happy to have you on the team.

  • Fun

    • Find regular hobbies that you really enjoy that you can do at least 2x a week at home

    • Find hobbies you can do at least once a week that you enjoy that involve other people… book clubs, movie clubs, yoga, enterpreneur groups, etc

    • Plan your weekends and many evenings with the same fervor you plan your work. Come up with good ideas and execute on them.

    • Plan your bigger trips with your finances in mind – think about ways to have an awesome trip without blowing out your budget or all your vacation. It is an excellent idea to have vacations during slow times in the business when you can get multiple holidays so you dont lose as many vacation days (thanksgiving and christmas and new years ¬†and 4th of july are excellent choices

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  1. Nick, this was actually my first time seeing… I like it a lot! Do you use it? My company actually built’s website and I had never really read about their services lol. What do you think of these options?

  2. My buddy at Google has been pitching me on Wealthfront, though it seems Betterment is the more established company. That’s awesome you guys helped build the site!

    I haven’t used either, but have been researching this week after a call with mom and dad’s old school brick-and-mortar financial advisor guy. It was all well and good until he started talking about the commissions and fees. I’m kind of curious to pit him against one of these start-ups and see who performs better, net of fees, over the long run.

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