Proposal to Reboot America

“Every generation needs a new revolution.”

-Thomas Jefferson

The city, state, and federal governments in the United States of America as constituted today have become cancerous and grown far beyond their original mandates. Our government is no longer ours and has fallen under the control of hostile special interests and parasites.

Our government needs a reboot.

The original ideas our country was founded on were quite good. We just need to amend them a bit to protect their integrity and reboot the country to help get our freedoms and rights back on track.

A few examples of how our country has gone badly off the rails:

  • Businesses make decisions that are harmful to their customers and most US citizens because they have limited liability and their owners and managers can keep their ill gotten gains.
  • Government departments are impossible to hold accountable, move far beyond their original purpose, and just grow continuously – they are the definition of cancer.
  • Unions put the interests of their administrators over that of their members and citizens. Union administrators steal dues for personal enrichment and pushing gross political agendas. Public unions have no one to negotiate against since politicians are in their pockets, so the taxpayer gets screwed.
  • Defense: The founders of the USA specifically opposed standing armies. They believed that militias of the people would be far safer for liberty. Our defense has turned into a highly corrupt industry.

I would like to see the United States of America rebooted. Here are my proposals on how best to do so:

  • The government exists to protect the freedoms and rights of the people, but not to spoon feed them.
  • Close every government agency and fire every employee. If we actually need an agency, we will reconstitute it and re-hire.
  • All foreign treaties and payments are dissolved. This is a new government.
  • Every person should be treated as an individual, not as groups. No special privileges or penalties for any race, nationality, gender, sex preference, or anything else. This means no discrimination against whites or blacks and no special privileges for groups like Native Americans (I am part Native American by the way).
  • There are two classes of people: Citizens and Residents. Citizens have the right to vote, Residents do not but have the same protections as a Citizen. Citizenship is not hereditary, but being a Resident is. Citizenship can only be earned through honorable military / police / fire service, or paying at least $100,000 more in taxes than benefits received over the prior 10 years. Everyone we call citizens today would automatically become Residents until they qualified as Citizens.
  • We would have no standing military. Militias would be constituted at the state level. Weapon systems like nuclear bombs requiring massive federal investment could be stockpiled at the federal level, but would be operated by the state militias.
  • The patent system would be entirely dissolved. The idea of people owning ideas and even life itself (DNA sequences) is corrupt and evil. Ideas are worthless, execution of those ideas is everything.
  • Limited liability incentives business owners and managers to put short term profits over the interest of people. This results in businesses that make millions of dollars a year and pay this money to owners while dumping waste in streams or putting out dangerous products. If people who are harmed can use the courts to sue owners and managers personally, you will see far better corporate behavior.
  • The massive regulatory structure we have would be dissolved. It would be replaced with the court system where people who are harmed could directly personally sue the owners and managers of bad businesses.
  • Unions would be banned from forcing people to pay dues or join to have a job. People have the right to work. No union of government employees would be allowed as there is no counterparty to negotiate against.

Rebooting America would eliminate all of the special interests currently putting their selfish goals over the public good and return our government to serving the people instead of itself.

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