Real Fascism

This chart looks like real fascism to me -

Federal spending has grown from just 2% of taxpayer dollars to 25% now.

Dollars are just representations of favors or units of power. That power has been taken from the people and given to corrupt politicians and unaccountable bureaucrats.

Would you rather control your life or let someone on the opposite side of the political aisle control it?

Education bureaucrats kept kids out of school even after COVID had been shown to be way less of a big deal than we thought at first just to appease teachers unions… But at great harm to kids.

Politicians keep voting for huge pork contracts to defense contractors and fortune 500 scumbags at great harm to the taxpayer.

The USDA locks out food producers from processing at great harm to the consumer.

The list goes on and on. You pick pretty much any government agency now and it is benefitting a special interest while hurting the whole.

And there is no way to stop it.

The best government is simply a tiny one… Businesses and private orgs can be punished or go out of business if they get out of hand. Government bureaucracy has zero accountability. The parasites are swallowing the producers whole now.

The best government would be one constitutionally locked in size so politicians couldn’t grow it.

The bigger government gets, the easier it is for politicians to become corrupt and abusive.

Would you want to give me dictatorship powers to control your life?

If you would not want your friend to control your life, why would you want corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who hate you to do it?

Close all government agencies except for the bare minimum: police, fire, roads, utilities, courts. Switch public education to a system where a parent can put their kid in any school including private or homeschool and the money follows the child.

Give citizens their choices back.

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