Rage on Nationalized Healthcare

The recent proposals to nationalize healthcare have finally galvanized freedom-loving Americans to protest. The last few years have seen so many rights and freedoms taken away from Americans through idiotic programs/policies like Cash for Clunkers, the Stimulus, the bailout, the Patriot Act, and others that I thought most Americans had surrendered entirely to socialism. All of those programs though are much smaller steps to a communist nation than nationalizing the healthcare system.

Most people don’t realize it, but our healthcare system is already partly nationalized: the government blocks anyone from providing medical care except those it deems worthy. The reason healthcare in America is so expensive is that the supply is so dramatically limited by Byzantine government rules and regulations. Its one of the most fundamental principles of supply & demand: if supply is restricted, prices will rise. Bring back freedom to the medical care industry and prices will drop enormously.

Politicians have made healthcare insurance companies into the scapegoat for rising healthcare costs, which is false. Healthcare insurance companies essentially just provide a financial service to limit the risks of incurring large costs from medical care. Think of it like your mortgage: the more expensive your house, the higher your monthly mortgage payment. Insurance companies have not been driving up the prices, government regulations have. Insurance companies basically just match their fees with the overall cost of healthcare. Nationalizing the insurance industry will not make healthcare costs drop. Instead, healthcare will become a rationed good… you will have to get a bureaucrats approval to get your cavities drilled, heart surgery done or other medical procedures. Other countries with a similar system have long wait times to receive needed medical care.

Fortunately, Americans are finally beginning to stand up for themselves and fight back against unwanted & unneeded government expansion. I was happy to hear about the protests at town hall meetings against the cancerous growth of the government on American life recently. Hopefully, the onrushing tide of regulations and bureaucrats will be slowed but I doubt it.

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