Reflecting on the Past

One of my goals now is to try to reflect on my past each day and see what I can learn. In that effort, my blog post today will be based on and inspired by a search back through my emails from 2011.

First thing I see is tons of different ideas that I email to myself. From one day alone here is the list:

  • Help key people start their own businesses or move them up in Coalition
  • Spend one full day in each bis unit (SEO, web design, etc)
  • Change biz model to franchises
  • Look at other SEO companies clients in LA and try to bring them over
  • Hold weekly business meetings and discuss everything with partners –We did do this for about three years and it was highly effective, but hard to maintain.
  • My superpower is perseverance
  • Build a brand
  • Create free trials for seo and design
  • Show employees I value and appreciate them
  • Do the Christmas party at C&O Cucina unless you find a better restaurant
  • Give Biz help as xmas gifts…. teach a man to fish…
  • Buy start small finish big book for each brother
  • Go on a trip alone this weekend

I also saw an email telling a key employee at that point in time that some of the behaviors that person had were destructive to the business… It took me three more years or so to let go of that person though.

Lots of emails with employees who are no longer with the company. Lots of great people I am still in contact with and some that I haven’t talked to in a long time.

I hired my brothers wife for a brief stint, she didn’t like working here as she didn’t want to talk on the phone.

One old SEO employee who was emotionally unstable but quite brilliant at his work. He once told off the CEO of one of our biggest clients lol.

Another email conversation with an employee who started doing cold calls and later moved to client management, and now works at another LA agency. Good person.

One of my favorite early developers Hiren. Really nice guy, he had to suffer through some of my early managerial screwups.

Another great developer I visited in Argentina.

I really appreciate these old people who’ve helped at Coalition, I’d love to hear from them again!


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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.