In today’s reflection, I m looking back to November 2013. I am searching through my old emails and just seeing what was going on and what I can learn from it and apply to my life in the future.

  • At that time we had some account managers that were out of touch with production, so I suggested to my managers that we tie them in closer.
  • Jordan had a concern with the quality of the analytics analysis by our production manager. I feel like Bridget is doing a pretty solid job here now.
  • I wanted to buy several epipens for my allergies to bees
  • Talking to a friend who is the Showrunner for that Duck lures reality show about helping him with his show idea for “Red Hot Fish”
  • Negotiating the lease for the new office space. Thank god our broker did a good job here because my neighbor with the same amount of space got hit with $26,000 in fees and I only had $600 because my lease protected me.
  • Fought a chargeback from a scammy company called Empire Gold Buyers…. biggest ripoffs ever.
  • Jimmy my cousin resigned from helping with Digital Auto Gauges.
  • We had a weak digital producer who said he couldn’t handle his work, tried coaching him in how to do better.

Also, I had a nightmare last night that I had sold the company and the new owners fired me as CEO and I was devastated and angry and fought to get back… Weird dream. I am committed to Coalition long term… don’t know what else I could do that I would receive more challenge and enjoyment from.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.