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Artificial Intelligence

Growing industry and something that you would want to specialize and find a way to grow a company in

Sales Reports using Google spreadsheets and javascript

Joel taught himself Google’s api script, which uses javascript

On Sales Reports – Joel was confident that the increased transparency would add to his bottom line

Jeremy was skeptical of this – not all good ideas work as expected

Good to be crazy and iterate – Newton had crazy ideas some good some bad – Newton believed in gravity and ghosts

He was only right about one

Took 2 days to build a program that pulls information from your sales people’s spreadsheets into one main spreadsheet

More flexible than Salesforce

Joel thinks that this is superior to Salesforce or any off the shelf product, because you basically expand it as needed and there are no limitations

To do lists – Joel’ s list is 100 to-dos, start with ideas break them into tasks

Jeremy’s list is 5 -10 to dos per day of small, small tasks – research shows such as write thank you notes should be broken down into smaller tasks such as, look on for thank you notes, narrow them down and purchase, create list of people to send them to, personalize the cards, buy stamps, send the cards

We talked about structured free time

Hang out build a sandcastle instead of going for walk on the beach

With structure comes greater utility

When you accomplish something, you get better at working with people/ you create something, you have a fun way to improve yourself and build a stronger bond

Your thought is lost in the air, but written down it is concrete and captured

Yours to keep, instead of lost by the odds

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