Resignation / Termination versus Layoff

I had to send this to my team today. An employee actually TOLD other employees to “crucify” him after he made an intentional mistake to try to get fired. He also violated some other policies we have in ways that made it clear that he thought it was funny and was intentionally trying to get fired. After getting fired, he sent a emails cheerfully asking for paperwork for filing unemployment. 


We had an unfortunate incident where a US based former employee wrongly believed that if they were fired, they could get government unemployment benefits pay and not have to do any work. We believe they purposefully violated Coalition’s policies and performed poorly in order to be terminated.

To collect unemployment benefits an employee needs to have lost their job “through no fault of their own”. This means that if they resign or are terminated, they will receive no unemployment. Each US state has different rules, but I don’t know of any state that doesn’t follow this general principle.

Not only is this type of behavior highly unethical, but the former employee now no longer has any source of income. Unemployment benefits are there to assist those truly in need, and not to pay someone to simply not work.

Coalition continues to have very high standards for our team, and will hold people accountable. We do our very best to take care of everyone here as you have seen over the recent months with the economic collapse. We ask that you bring your very best efforts and work each day.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.