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Nowadays, having a web presence is crucial to supporting or expanding a business.  But simply having a website or an e-commerce set up isn’t enough. You need to make sure that the people searching for your services or products online are able to find you before they find your competition.  The Santa Monica-area SEO firm Coalition Technologies knows that to be successful in the long term, brands and companies need to be able to dominate the search engine results pages for a number of key phrases or products.   Doing so enables clients to establish a foothold in the online industries of their choosing and corner markets to rise above their competition by garnering more organic search traffic and converting visitors into customers. Whether you own a chain of restaurants in Santa Monica and you need to attract more diners from out of town or you run an art gallery and you want to increase your exposure to collectors from Malibu to Manhattan, Coalition Technologies can help craft a sophisticated SEO campaign to make sure that more people find your business online.

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Coalition Technologies’ team of expert SEO marketers and AdWords specialists work and play in the creativity and business-rich city of Santa Monica, California, building clients’ online businesses and helping them open new revenue streams from enhanced online relevance and location-based SEO dominance.  The experienced SEO team at Coalition Technologies works with both large, international Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller local businesses to increase organic search traffic, target certain users in particular geographic locations, boost sales conversions and improve profits.  Naturally, the team has special working knowledge of the local Santa Monica market and maintains proprietary localized SEO marketing strategies to help business owners appeal to tourists and area residents.

For our Coalition Technologies team based in Santa Monica, SEO is part science and part art.  Our internet marketing experts stay abreast of all SEO trends and changes in the way major search engine operate (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo!) in order to inform an evolving guide of top-notch SEO best practices.  Then, our team of AdWords and keywords specialists create customized SEO campaigns specific to clients’ businesses, using creative copywriting and inventive online media deployments to hone site-specific and industry-relevant search engine strategies for each.   Coalition Technologies provides SEO services to help:

  • Capture more relevant leads and organic search traffic online
  • Boost click-through rates (CTR) to your website & specific product page
  • Increase sales conversion rates to help turn more visitors into customers
  • Improve your business’ online relevance by dominating specific keyword markets, for branding or direct sales
  • Overcome competitors’ holds on parts of your market you’re looking to grab
  • Push up your return on investment (ROI) for your online businesses
  • Discover new customers via the internet and foster word-of-mouth awareness among them

These skills have helped the SEO experts at Coalition Technologies’ office right off of the Pacific Ocean build lasting relationships with a number of Santa Monica-area business-owners and entrepreneurs.  In fact, Coalition Technologies thrives so well in the media-savvy, technology-rich, ethnically diverse and inventive business climate that pervades companies operating in the Santa Monica area, that the firm frequently discounts SEO and other web marketing services for enterprises headquartered in the city.

In turn, Coalition Technologies’ team of online marketing creative experts and SEO engineers gains invaluable knowledge on how to leverage online content specifically for the Santa Monica area, which has rapidly become one of the firm’s specialties.  The application of SEO to corner and dominate local markets represents the future of search marketing, as smartphones and wireless broadband further permeate the world’s population and users’ searches become more geographically targetable.  With this in mind, Coalition Technologies integrates every SEO campaign with both generalized internet appeal as well as teeth for attacking specific demographics or geographies. In this way, Coalition Technologies helps clients to not only exploit their existing strategic business advantages, but also to anticipate growth and change as competitors aim to keep up with your SEO practices.

This long-term outlook for capturing search traffic nationally and locally – in Santa Monica or any other defined community – is part and parcel to how Coalition Technologies approaches the task of helping clients grow their businesses.  While other web marketing firms focus only on the immediate return that search engine optimization provides, the SEO experts at Coalition Technologies knows great SEO lasts into the future, providing a valuable stream of earned media exposure.  To accomplish this, our keywords and content professionals keep tabs on the evolution of search algorithms and placement policies on engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!, making sure that your SEO campaigns and copywriting deployments never get penalized or deemed irrelevant in the search market.

So whether you’re a close-by business that needs to dominate the search pages for particular Santa Monica-based services, or you’re a national brand manager or e-commerce executive that needs to appeal to a wide variety of internet searchers in DMAs all over the country, Coalition Technologies can provide a suite of professional SEO and internet marketing capabilities.  Our team of experts can also execute SEO projects on an ad hoc basis, to help turn around one portion of a flagging search engine optimization campaign or to help identify, isolate and attack an emerging market or customer group online.  The Santa Monica SEO team at Coalition Technologies spares no effort or detail when it comes to making our clients more visible on search results pages and more profitable overall.  Call Coalition Technologies today to see what the firm can do to boost traffic to your web business and improve your brand online.

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Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.