Scam: Washington State Long Term Care Insurance Mandate

The problem with government solutions is that they are so easily corrupted. For example, here in Washington State, USA a law recently passed mandating long term care insurance. Sounds nice right? The reality is that this will be funded by an income tax that will then pay $116,000 per year person in a long term care facility. I have a friend who’s dad owns a big chain of these, and they are profitable beyond any of our wildest imaginings. What started out with the legislature’s nice intentions is really just a massive pork benefit for old and corrupt businesses.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

One thought on “Scam: Washington State Long Term Care Insurance Mandate”

  1. This is another abject failure of our state Democrats. If I wasn’t retired I’d have left Washington state long ago. Might still leave on principle because of all the C-19 fear and stupidity they keep pushing along with a lot of other nonsense. No muzzle or shot for me.

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