Seattle Homeless: Shambling Zombies

I was coming home at around 4am last night through Chinatown and the only people up at that ungodly hour were the crazies, bums and druggies: Seattle’s homeless population. The International District seems to be a hotspot for these dredges of humanity, I saw tons of them walking around and engaging in aimless wandering, windmilling their arms or just staring blankly at me as I passed.

I felt like I was in a zombie movie. The bums had the same blank stares, awkward stumbling walk and terrible stench as zombies. Every so often, one walks toward you to beg for change. When he gets near, you feel revolted and want to avoid him.

If you ever feel like seeing what a horror movie is like, wander Chinatown at 4am. I should get my golf club or a gun and see if I can get some headshots in. I love zombie movies.

P.S. If you want to lecture me on the homeless problem and how it’s not their fault, go to hell. I understand the issue and this is a tongue-in-cheek look at it from a different perspective. Besides, you know you are too much of a wuss to go visit them on their turf late at night with no protection… the zombie analogy isn’t bad.

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