Shopify Disadvantages & Problems: Not So Great After All?

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Shopify is a well-reputed name in the world of Ecommerce. With the current competitive environment within the Ecommerce Industry, Shopify has managed to fight its opponents from all fronts. However, there are still a few factors that Shopify must either adapt to or change. If you are interested in more info, read my full review of 2010 shopping cart solutions or if you want to just cut to the chase you can go straight to my favorite- BigCommerce.

The main problem with Shopify is that it only seems to target novice ecommerce solution seekers. If you are relatively new at selling your products online, or simply starting off, then Shopify will be able to meet your needs. To really control the appearance and options of your

Marketing Using Shopify
Marketing Using Shopify

online store, you need to learn Liquid, which is the programming language used by Shopify. A lot of people make it out to be some complex language to study. However, not much time is required for this task. If you are looking for anything beyond these simple aspects, then you are out of luck. There are many important features which are missing such as a section for recommended products, email product to a friend, contact forms, and saving wish lists.  The smart thing to do would be to find the next best Ecommerce solution provider who does offer these services.

Several complaints have been heard about the amount of time Shopify takes to release its new features. What makes it worse is that those features are highly essential to the progress of your online store. So it indicates that Shopify is just a hosted solution. You cannot expect to make any huge modifications such as buying a cart system and installing it yourself.  You can forget about any extra plug-ins to assist you in your e-selling process too. Basically you’re stuck with whatever you have and honestly you don’t have much of a choice to do anything about it. In addition, if you are searching for posts on what new features they plan on releasing, you are bound to have a tough time because the developers fail to inform their clients. Now if Shopify was an open-source ecommerce solution, then it would be acceptable. However, Shopify charges a premium price (2% off every transaction you make in addition to their fixed charges) and is still unable to inform you about upcoming features.

Another common and quite worrisome complaint, which keeps reappearing, is the lack of support for users who are shifting to Shopify from another platform. So if you already have another Ecommerce solution provider, be sure to iron all your matters out with Shopify before you actually buy the service.

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