Shopify or Yahoo Merchants: Which to choose for your new online store?

Seth Godin is a supporter of Shopify and is interviewed here by Shopify’s founders.  Yahoo’s ecommerce system is falling apart and isn’t nearly as good as Shopify’s.

With the ecommerce booming, everyone wants to cash in on a piece of that pie. Setting up an online store is quite a desirable thing to do these days, due to the sheer amount of revenue involved. Selecting your Ecommerce service provider is a pivotal step on the way towards your success. Two popular Ecommerce service providers currently are Shopify and Yahoo.


Many users are content with Yahoo in terms of how their online store looks to other customers, but after learning about the amount of customization they can do through Shopify, they feel left out. Yahoo does offer some visually appealing and practical options when creating your online store, but it lacks in giving you flexibility and versatility in those departments. With Shopify’s new programming language (Liquid), setting up your online store is maybe a bit more complex, but you will be pleased once you see the results.

Customer Service

When it comes to resolving problems your online store might be facing, many users find Shopify to be readily available to help as compared to Yahoo. Maybe since Yahoo is a much larger company, they are a bit slower to respond to customer queries and solve them. Shopify’s technical assistants are ready a majority of the time to assist you whenever you have a problem. That is a huge factor for anyone because no one ever wants to waste time waiting on the phone to solve any issues with their online store.


At the end of the day if a quick assessment is made to choose between Yahoo and Shopify, Shopify clearly takes the cake. Their ease of use and sound technical background helped many customers make this decision because it is nice to know you’re in caring and capable hands. Many individuals want to make Ecommerce into a full-time profession, therefore the smooth and steady running of their online store is highly essential to them.

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