Shopify or NopCommerce: Definitely Shopify

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nopCommerce is a good up and coming system, but it is based on expensive Microsoft technology and is not as easy to use or cloud-hosted like Shopify.

The million dollar question these days in Ecommerce is which company offers you the best services for your Ecommerce needs? There are several articles you can read up on to find out who’s the best. However, usually the easiest way to start off is by doing some simple research into which company can fulfill your large or small Ecommerce needs.  Today the two companies being pinned against each other are Shopify and NopCommerce.

If you have already done some research on this topic, then you are most probably aware of the stature Shopify has in the Ecommerce industry. It is an older company, which has been in the business for longer than its opponent. So they obviously offer more services for professional online store owners.  However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that NopCommerce is not a dedicated and proficient Ecommerce service provider.

Started recently in 2008, NopCommerce is a high-growth company, and best of all, they offer a free download of their program. They are an open-source ecommerce solution, and are ASP.NET 3.5 based with a MS SQL 2005 (or higher) backend database.  This net application draws developers nearer to it since it I easier to modify.  So if you have some serious technical skills and are willing to give long hours to developing your own store, then NopCommerce is for you. There is of course a payoff after toiling those long hours developing your online store because you will have your store looking exactly like you want.

On the other hand, if you don’t have much time to waste and intend on selling your products ASAP, then Shopify will give you that option. This is because since Shopify has ready-to-use templates so the overall designing of your online store will not take as much time. In order to get there though, it is imperative that you learn Liquid, which is the programming language Shopify uses.  Overall it’s not a difficult language to learn so you should have your online store up in no time.  The only catch is that Shopify charges a 2% fee on all transactions so if you’re planning on doing heavy business, be ready to give a piece of your cake.

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