Snow Storm Hit & Run

During the recent snow storm, some bonehead drove his automobile into my parked car.β€šΒ  I was visiting my mentor and we heard a crash and went upstairs and looked outside and two middle-aged men were looking at the damage.β€šΒ  As I put my shoes on to go out and talk to them they drove off.β€šΒ  I tried to pursue them, but picked the wrong vehicle.β€šΒ  The damage to my vehicle wasn’t too bad: they broke my bumper and left rear tail light.

The next day, my mentor gave me a phone call and told me that one of his neighbors had written down the guys license plate.β€šΒ  I reported the hit & run to the police and to my insurance company.β€šΒ  Both organizations are currently researching the guy and hopefully will find him so that I can get my car repaired.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.