Tatum Bell Allegedly Steals Rudi Johnson’s Underwear!

When I saw this story on Yahoo Sports, I cracked up laughing. According to the story, Tatum Bell was bitter about being cut from the Detroit Lions, so as he was walking past head coach Matt Millen’s office he spotted Rudi Johnson’s luggage and took his revenge on his replacement by stealing it. The Detroit Lions looked at the security videos and easily identified Tatum Bell as the culprit who soon returned the luggage. Tatum Bell denies knowing the luggage was Rudi Johnsons, but Rudi Johnson says he doesn’t believe Bell and that there was cash and underwear missing from his bags.


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  1. Yeah I think its a great story, as well. I laughed my ass off, because it just seems so funny to me that the Lions biggest problem right now is finding Rudi’s underwear! I wrote an article on my blog about it, you may enjoy that too, so check it out.

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