Taxation Without Representation

Our hallowed Founding Fathers in these United States began a revolution that begat the most powerful and prosperous nation in history to right a single wrong: taxation without representation.

At this point in my life of 30 years, I have paid more in taxes than most Americans have or will pay in their lifetimes. I care more about the success or failure of our country than most Americans seem to. Further, I have shown that I can make better decisions than most others.

I am an example of taxation without representation. I have worked harder than most people do in a lifetime, but I get no more say in the operations of the United States than someone who has never paid a dime in taxes, worked in any sort of a job, nor contributed anything to this country. For that reason (among a few others), I do not vote.

Our country now has a clear problem of taxation without representation. Why do I and others like me do the lions share of the work while millions (like my own mother), can cancel out my vote and give themselves more entitlements? Why should I keep working hard when the 10% in this country who work hard have our earnings stolen from us without us having a say in how that hard earned money is spent?

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.