The days before computers

How did people survive in the days before the internet and computers? I can’t imagine trying to have to maintain a file system instead of a database. Every time I wanted to open a file, I’d have to walk over to the files system, open a cabinet, hunt out the file i need, carry it back to my desk and open it and then reverse the process when I’m done. RIdiculous. It’s so much easier just to click an icon on my computer. What if you had to sort data (I do this regularly in excel) and you have 100,000 names? My god, it would take an army of minions to do what I can do in 3 seconds.

Or what about when you’re at work and you need a break to refresh your brain? You wouldn’t have access to all the news, articles and friends that you have today through the internet.

I wonder what people are going to think about us in 50 years? Are they going to be asking the same types of questions about our physical workplaces, large computers? Will they even have to work at all?

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.