The Importance of Data in 2014

If there’s one job that characterizes our current era, it’s data scientists. Data analytics are the key to any Los Angeles online marketing campaign, so it’s something of a surprise how many companies haven’t hired staff with the data analysis skills to make the most of the vast resources of big data. Without a team that includes both humans and technology skilled at interpreting big data, brands will fall behind the curve.


Why Data Analytics are So Important for Online Marketing

The volume of big social media data can be overwhelming, but if you develop the savvy to sift through it and make sense of the bigger things, there is a lot of extremely valuable information to be gleaned from social media data. Among the things that social media can teach you about your customer base:

Real time insight into the the mind, moods, and attitudes of consumers

  • Which issues are relevant to your desired customer base

  • How the interests of your desired audience inform their purchasing decisions

  • Internal organizational dynamics

  • Market research on the competition that helps you position your company better

But successfully getting at all of these issues requires more than simply gathering large chunks of social media data and quantifying it. Successful big data interpretation gets at the qualitative elements of the data as well, which is why it’s so important to work with data experts who understand the nuances of the big data environment.


What Kinds of Data Do and Don’t Matter

When companies develop a data analytics plan, you tend to see a lot of common statistics being tracked. These include site visits, page views, newsletter subscribers, social media followers, bounce rate, and time spent on the site. The problem with this data is that it really doesn’t matter. These stats are actually known as “vanity metrics,” meaning that they can make you feel good about your website’s performance, but they offer absolutely no information that enables you to make it more effective. When you’re analyzing big data to improve your Los Angeles online marketing campaign, you should be looking for information that tells you:

  • Who the people are that visit your site

  • What they are doing when they get there

  • Where the buying customers come from

  • What type of people are converting and deepening relationships

  • What type of conversions are actually driving revenue

  • Who comes back for multiple purchases

  • What are your churn rates

How to Make Better Use of Data Analytics

Experts believe that companies will only be able to fill about a third of their desired big data analysis jobs in the coming few years. So the best move for many companies is going to be to work with online marketing companies that understand big data analysis. The team at my Los Angeles online marketing firm, Coalition Technologies, is experienced with data analytics and translating them into SEO, branding, and social media marketing strategies that help companies increase traffic and drive revenue. So if you’re looking for a Los Angeles online marketing consultant that can address your business’s data analysis needs, give us a call today at (877) 989-7187 to get a free quote.


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