The Irish Curse: Great Play About Men With Small Penises

Tonight I went to the Odyssey theater in Los Angeles to see a play called “The Irish Curse”.  “The Irish Curse” is a 90 minute play set in the basement of a Catholic Church in Brooklyn.  The play features five men who attend a regular support group for men with small penises, ie the Irish curse.  There is a priest, a cop, a lawyer, a sportsman and a confused young boy about to get married.  All of them have had severe insecurities over their… stature.  The play is actually quite good and not just a one-joke ride.  The actors do a great job (except for the guy who plays the sportsman – he overdoes it), especially the priest.  The priest has all the mannerisms of a priest down perfectly, I was impressed.  Check it out here if you want to see it.

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Joel Gross

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