The most important problem of our time

How can we dismantle calcified, bad institutions? Special interests fight as hard as possible to prevent the dismantling of institutions that are either outdated, have failed, or are just inefficient compared to other possibilities.

It used to be that bad corporations would end up in bankruptcy and would be dismantled and make room for better new companies. Now any large company that fails is deemed “too large to fail” and receives a government bailout.

The government grows but never shrinks. Whenever a new problem comes up, the government will create a new agency or department. Many times these agencies and departments are not well set up and do not accomplish their purpose, or they accomplish their purpose but they finish their job a long time ago. Government employees fight extraordinarily hard so that their jobs are never eliminated. Politicians pander to these people and thus the government never shrinks.

How do we bring back bankruptcy for all corporations? How do we create a process like bankruptcy that could apply to government agencies?

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.