The Virus War

Read this article recommended by Bill Gates, who over the last twenty years turned himself from one of the world’s best programmers and best businessman, into one of the world’s lead foremost authority on disease.

If the incompetent, selfish, and very disordered response from politicians to the virus continues, we will see modern civilization dissolve around us. This is the greatest threat I have seen in my lifetime to all of us.

If we can use our prowess to get out the message that the globe must unite or tens of millions of people could die, we have the potential to save many lives. Governments need to get billions of tests made and distributed, million of ventilators built worldwide, tens of billions of masks built, comprehensive tracing and tracking of those who have been infected, and most importantly a massive logistics effort to bring help to whichever areas are seeing the worst outbreaks. People worldwide need to work to understand the virus and what they personally can do to fight it. 

This is the most important time of our lives, and we need to bring our very best efforts.
If you have good ideas to get the message out, please share here… And don’t stop there, tell everyone you know. 

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.