Top Gun:Maverick Review

I re-watched the original a couple of days ago. Young Tom cruise and Val Kilmer oozed (literally as their skin was oily) confidence and power. The music was amazing and was fresh at the time.

This one was a decent retread. None of the sex appeal or cocky power… Just appeals to nostalgia. The plot had holes a mile wide (tomahawks can strike the airfield but can’t just do the mission?).

And the same annoying idea that the old can do things better than the young that got Trump and Biden elected. Ridiculous that supposedly 60 year old Tom cruise had better reaction times and ability to withstand G’s than a 25 year old.

And they just repeated the same surprise save so much it was predictable (Tom cruise saving rooster, rooster saving Tom cruise, both of them being saved by hangman).

Then Hangman becoming friends with Rooster just like Iceman and Maverick.

I guess I didn’t like it as much as I thought lol

I am tired of these remakes of old movies… I’ll tell you some new movies I want to see:
-Movie about the 15 year olds piloting drones to target artillery in Ukraine while getting carpet bombed
-Movie version of “Stuff Made Here” YouTube channel, that guy is a genius

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