Trump Civil Lawsuit With Letitia James

I am no fan of Trump, having been horrified by his behavior and having a natural dislike of spoiled rich brats. I voted for Biden.

But I think Trump is correct that he is getting railroaded in an unfair, politically motivated trial. The state of New York (Letitia James in this case) is suing Trump in a case with no victims. She is claiming Trump defrauded investors by overvaluing his properties to obtain loans. However, Trump paid off all these loans with interest.

Letitia James ran and was elected to her office on the promise she would convict Trump of something. This does not sound like a fair and impartial court system. This person has literally made it her life goal to hurt another person, regardless of what is just.

I am guessing there may be some venue picking by her as well, as the judge on the case is liberal Democrat. The judge made the insane claim that Mar a Lago is worth only $18 million, when properties next door that were a thirtieth of the size have sold for $20-30 million.

Another very important thing to keep in mind… the banks making these loans hire independent appraisers to value the properties and do not rely on the claims of the real estate investor seeking the loan.

This trial makes a mockery of our justice system and appears to be an attempt to use state power to harm a private individual because his politics disagree with the people in that area. Further, it appears to be an attempt at election interference to prevent this individual from running for office. This is something someone like Putin would do to his political opposition, not something that should ever happen in America.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.