Each little tweak you make to improve your life or business only makes a small difference at first. As the years go by, the little tweaks start to pile up into substantial change. Great achievements are rarely created instantly even if they appear that way.

Google was not built into a multi-billion dollar titan instantly. Larry Page had spent his childhood going to conferences and playing with computers and tech magazines with his dad who had a PhD in computer science. He went to elite high schools and then worked on a computer engineering degree from University of Michigan. He reverse engineered ink cards, made a printer of lego printers, and worked on many more engineering projects. He went on to a computer science PhD program at Stanford where he worked on understanding the math properties of the web. By the time he founded Google, he had built a lifetime of many small habits of working and learning about engineering and business.

Winning a sports championship is never an overnight phenomenon. The people who win these have a lifetime of athletic activity and practice. Many of them have focused on this since they were small children.

You do not have to be a child though to start building healthy habits that will lead to success. I have been trying to do so only since I was 17, and did not figure out serious ways to really improve until I was 25. Each little incremental improvement helps though.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.