Unanswered questions

Feel free to add entertaining questions or answer these… most of mine are goofy or religious or philosophical…

-Why can I cross my eyes towards my nose, but am unable to move them in opposite directions?
-Why does god need to forgive me of my sins when he has committed far worse ones (killed a planetary population with a flood except for a few who worshipped him unquestioningly, tortured a man for many years and destroyed his familiy and property just so i could prove he was loyal, created evil (God is all-powerful and created everything right?)?!?
-Why does the Easter bunny give away eggs, when rabbits don’t lay eggs? Why isn’t it the Easter chick or goose?
-Why do football and basketball coaches make more than college presidents?
-Why do people in power almost always abuse it?
-Why is it called the People’s Republic of China when it’s not a republic?
-When swearing in a Muslim in court why don’t they replace the Bible with the Koran?
-Why is it so difficult to find love?
-Why does your boss say you just have to get the job done, but then requires you to stay for a certain number of hours if you get done early?
-Why hasn’t evolution killed more stupid people?
-Why are smokers granted more and longer breaks than normal people? If I was addicted to heroin, could I have special, long breaks to shoot up?
-If God wants people to believe in him and love him, then why doesn’t he show himself?
-When you have cancer and get chemo, do your pubes fall out?
-Are you looking at me?
-Why would anyone buy a tiny bottle of water for $3?
-Do you feel embarassed when you answer a rhetorical question or weird if you don’t know if it is rhetorical or not? Or when someone assumes a real question of yours is rhetorical?
-Why is there no light in the freezer, but there is one in the fridge?
-If jealousy, pride and anger are bad qualities, then how is God good when he has all of them?
-If Christianity is a kind religion people are supposed to find on their own, then why do people use the hardest of hard sell sales tactics? Why are pastors always such sleazy douche-bags?
-Why are sports (and especially sports statistics) so fascinating when nothing productive is really accomplished? Why is so much more money spent on this then on world hunger, global warming and other problems?
-How is free will possible if God created everything and everyone and knows everything that has happened or ever will happen? Doesn’t he have no choice but to control everyone’s fate-if he changes something, then won’t I involuntarily do whatever he changed?
-How do you regain lost trust?
-Why do gay men usually have more female friends then male friends?
-Why do people always romanticize deer when they are basically just graceful cows, with all the flies and bad-temper and other issues?
-Why are pants, panties, trousers, shorts all plural when they are one item?
-If vegetarians don’t eat meat because it came from a living creature, why do they eat vegetables? Is it because broccolli isn’t fun to pet?
-Why is it sometimes considered manly to be hairy, but most male models are completely hairless?
-Why would God/Allah (depending on your perspective) throw people into an pit of eternal torment when they have never heard of him and he won’t reveal himself?
-Why do people worship a God who kills billions who don’t follow him, but call a country’s leader who kills millions in a program evil?
-Why do athletes thank God when they successfully make a big play, but don’t blame him when they fail?
-Why don’t people have more self control?
-What happens if I get scared half to death twice?
-Why would anyone want to live to be older than 60?
-Why do people say you owe your parents something when they weren’t thinking of you at all when they brought you into this world, they were just having animal sex? What if I didn’t want to be brought into this world?
-Why don’t my palms tan?

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