So look below this post to the one I did on Joel Emoticons. See all of those pics? I got them using them off of my online photo album using this screen print program that just copies a piece of your screen and saves it. Apparently, I didn’t set it up right and not only did it save the images to my desktop, but it printed them. I went to lunch and when I got back to my desk, there was a pile of printouts that someone had grabbed for me off the office printer.

Each page had one of those photos printed on it. Holy shit. Damnation.

Go back to that post. See the pic of me with a wig and lipstick on? Or the one of me in my underwear and a giant screwdriver in my hand? Or the one of me having a semi-naked hug with my friend Ben?


Someone in my office (I have no idea who) has seen those photos and put them on my desk.

Oh. My. God.


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