UW Huskies Football Team Hit New Low in Arizona Loss

The University of Washington Huskies are winless this season, having lost the first five games. We are also the unfortunate possessors of the nations longest losing streak- 7 games. Even Bob Condotta, the Seattle Times writer of the Husky football blog, said “It’s now 48-7 Arizona with 38 seconds to go in the third quarter and the Huskies look like a team that has quit. This is the worst-case scenario for their teams.” Sad.

UW Athletic Director Scott Woodward has said that he foresees no in-season coach change. Ty Willingham is a classy coach, but he simply has been unable to win much in his recent career (he was fired from Notre Dame). If things don’t change though, I think that boosters are going to be getting much louder in their calls for Ty Willingham to lose his coaching job.

I think that I’m a bad luck charm for UW or something- since I began my freshman year of college back in 2002, I don’t think the Huskies have had a single winning season. I think I’ll just blame Trent or Kenny ;).

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Joel Gross

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