Victoria Osteen, Wife of Joel Osteen, Allegedly Assaulted Flight Attendant

Megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen’s wife, Victoria Osteen, is accused of assaulting a Continental Airlines flight attendant named Sharon Brown on a flight from Houston to Vail, Colorado. Sharon Brown alleges that Victoria Osteen became incensed by a stain on her first class seat and threw her into a bathroom door and elbowed her in the left breast.

Victoria Olsteen has been sued for assault.
Victoria Olsteen has been sued for assault.

The lawsuit against Victoria Olsteen looks like it should be a pretty open & shut case since the FAA has already fined Victoria Olsteen $3,000 for interfering with a flight crew member. According to the report put out by the FAA, Victoria Osteen asked another flight attendant to clean a stain off of her first-class seat and when that attendant said she was going to go get another flight attendant to do so, Victoria Osteen grabbed yet another flight attendant and showed her the seat. The newest flight attendant said she would call the cleaning people and went to the cockpit, where Victoria Osteen followed her and then assaulted Sharon Brown. After allegedly assaulting Sharon Brown, flight attendants asked Victoria Osteen to leave the plane, which she and Joel Osteen did voluntarily.

Now that Victoria Osteen is getting sued, she and her lawyer are trying to get the FAA report thrown out of the court, saying “The FAA does in all due respect an incredibly incompetent investigation”. The lawyer for Sharon Brown said the FAA did an appropriately thorough investigation.

Violent Victoria Osteen
Violent Victoria Osteen

I have previously written a post on Pastor Joel Osteen, but his wife’s brazen assault on an airline stewardess just goes too far… Victoria Olsteen is on an airplane to go to Vail (legendary playground of the uber-rich) and she just cannot tolerate a stain on her first-class seat. After all, it might get on her expensive dress. The wife of America’s most popular pastor Joel Osteen shouldn’t have to tolerate a STAIN, right?! Joel & Victoria Osteen are a shame and embarassment on the Christian faith. Joel Osteen refuses to stand up for what he believes in (or perhaps doesn’t really believe in it at all!) and his wife Victoria Osteen is a snooty, stuck-up, rich baby. Not just a rich baby, but apparently a violent one too. Victoria and Joel Osteen are the perfect match: scam artist and vicious, pampered wife.

Victoria Osteen & Joel Osteen Preaching
Victoria Osteen & Joel Osteen Preaching

I simply don’t understand how 42,000 people in Houston attend Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church services each week when the leadership of Lakewood Church is so obviously terrible. Victoria Osteen should be cleaning toilets for a living and Joel Osteen should be selling cheap crap at local town fairs instead of put on a national pulpit to spew their filth.

Sharon Brown is also apparently having a difficult time getting a fair jury to hear her lawsuit allegations due to the fact that Joel and Victoria Osteen are nationally recognized figures and many potential jurors are fans of Joel Osteen’s television ministries.

I find it truly unfortunate that America has sunk to such a point that Joel Osteen and his degenerate wife Victoria Osteen are our foremost spiritual leaders.

Update August 8, 2008

The wrote an article on the lawsuit today about Victoria Osteen revealing more details of the lawsuit. Victoria Osteen has been accused by Maria Johnson, one of Sharon Brown’s coworkers at Continental Airlines of even being racist. Johnson claims that Victoria Osteen barged past her and other black employees to go speak to the only white employee and that Mrs. Osteen was dismissive and abusive to Mrs. Brown because of her race. Sharon Brown also called a psychologist, Shayna Patrice Lee, to testify and she said that Sharon Brown suffers from major depression and PTS because of Victoria Osteen’s demeaning and humiliating behavior. It sounds to me like Sharon Brown is reaching a little bit in her claims, but I hope this knocks Victoria Osteen’s overblown ego back into Earth’s atmosphere. What do you readers think? Is Victoria Osteen racist? Was racism a factor in Victoria Osteen’s actions?

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  1. St. Matt. 7:1 states;Judge not that yebe not judge. As cildren of God we must learn to forgive others their wrong. It is not for the world to judge anyone. As Jesus said tp the accursers of the adulterous woman ;LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE. iF THEREWAS ANY WROING DOING i BELIEVE GOD WILL HANDLE ALL MATTERS. LET US LEAVE THE JUDGING TO GOD.

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  3. This article is opinionated and garbage. It sounds like an opportunistic airline employee wanting to make a name and money for herself. The Osteens have done a lot of great things for Christians worldwide.

  4. oh please he should be judged since he judges people. sorry I believe she did it, they think they are something special, he is a bigot. saying gays and lesbians are not the best made by that make-believe icon god.
    sorry, evolution made people. how dare he hate anyone who loves someone, no is not what life is about, everyone deserves to be counted. including my child who is gay and other family members. so sick of excuses hate because of fake words in a book that man wrote, bible is fiction and joel you are a jerk…

  5. Wow, So Pittyful that others have gone to extremes such as this. First of all. Stop being a mouthpiece for the devil. Joel does speak of god/jesus all the time. Jesus also says in his word that we are to spead the good news,Everyone will be accountable for every thought, word that they have said. Nothing has gone unseen. The devil is a LIAR! Do you not know that its a spiritual warfare and satan would love nothin more than for the non believers to not believe. At LT.. God doesnt love your child or anyone any less because they are gay,He hates the sin, and loves the person. Stop believing those lies that he doesnt love you or anyone else!

  6. Dear Victoria,

    My name is CICCIO it is pronounced “chi chi o” I have been an artist all my life like most artists I am a dreamer with the exception that I dream in color and when I do my dreams come true most of the time I dream while Im awake I recently saw you in Jacksonville and was truly touched I watch Joel every chance I get normally twice a week I had a dream I would like to share with you literally I want to become part of your ministery in an art form My dream is to “PAINT FOR PEACE” and it would put my art in places there is no peace the first place would be the middle east the solan would be “PAINT FOR PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST” just one of the many dreams I’ ve had please consider me share it with Joel and check me out my websie is two hundred pages my idea would be to paint large murals the would depict the beauty of the world seeing is believing maybe that would be the theme for the first project please email at your earliest convinence or you wish yuo can contact me at 954 661 1749 thank you have wonderful day and a better tommorow CICCIO

  7. We will have tribulation..expect it. How this really happened we don’t know. When I read about this, James 4: 6 came to mind. Also The Good News says repent and He forgives and then keep on keepin on. None of us have arrived!

  8. “I believe each person involved should ask God to search their heart, ask for forgiveness if guilty of anything, recieve forgiveness and move on. Life is too short, and situations of this kind put a strain on both mental and physical health. Sadly, the only true winners in this situation is the devil because he is accomplishing his goal to steal, kill and destroy all persons involved peace. Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Osteen remember that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but …… Forgiveness will carry a person much farther in life than 3000.00. Mrs. Brown, if your story is accurate, I encourage you to take the high road and don’t allow the devil to use you anymore than he has. Mrs. Ostend, see this incident as an opportunity to be more sensitive to the smaller tactics the devil is using to try to destroy your and Joel’s ministry, because if it wasn’t helping people, the devil wouldn’t have a need for trying to destroy it. Ladies, don’t sweat the small stuff.

  9. Did anyone ever say they are saints here on earth? So what if she did, maybe you would do the same, and this is only if it has happened to you. If you don’t like Joel and Victoria, don’t listen to them. Concentrate on your own life, I’m sure you will have your hands full.

  10. I am fan of Joel Osteen but I still dont agree if Victoria is so violent she should apologize and pay for the damages. Does not mean she and Joel are famous everything should be hidden. When anybody does a mistaken should admit and apologize and pay for hurting the air hostess and she should learn to change her attitude not saying she is rich she can do whatever she wants. The law should be fair enough to rule and punish her just with 3000 only? That’s too less should be 300,000 so that she will NEVER BE VIOLENT IN ALL HER LIFE.

  11. Get a life! Jesus said Judge and you will be judged! If it is true that Victoria is violent then that is between God and her, just as your sins are between God and you. No one is perfect what made you think they were? It is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict. You would do better to concentrate on your own SINS eh? As for Joel he knows it is not up to him to decide who is going to heaven but he does always give people an opportunity to be born again!

  12. Did not Jesus say many will come in his name and be proven false? I am very suspicious of pastors like the one mentioned, but who are we to judge right? We will just have to wait until the final judgment and let our own merits, deeds and faith speak for themselves. I am very wary if false prophets however, just be careful people!

  13. Anyone dumb enough to listen to anything osteen has to say is a sad depressed person look or paying for an untruthful solution. You are no different from anyone else stars struck over some dumb movie star. By the way, they can’t save you either before you start mailing out anymore money trying to buy happiness. You people listening to this unreal Holy man need help from a health professional majoring in psychology. Paying this idiot will only cause you to be broke on top of you be psychologically unwell. I’m catholic / Lutheran and our religion requires major degrees and constant knowledge of the bible. And never have we tried not wanted to change the words of god. And that little man has a long way before he is as iconic as the pope!

  14. It sounds like something is missing in this story. Why would someone become so angry just because of a stain on the seat. Perhaps the more famous lady was disciminated against for who SHE was.?

  15. Please, does anyone believe the media gave us all the facts. That wouldn’t make for a good money making article. It’s all about money, what can be gotten out of a bad situation. An opportunity for one to retire early perhaps? Playing the race card? Grown up.

  16. I am with Takeoffyourjoelblinder but send me your money.. I will take it.
    po box give me all our money honey
    will make you life happy
    Any where. in america.

  17. I just saw Joel and his message about keeping boundaries on our heart is excellent. To live a life without overreacting, being upset and anxious is important for our health. I wish Joel and his wife great happiness. This article is absolute garbage.

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