Visible Technologies Performs Well In Forrester Wave Report

The Forrester Wave report was recently released profiling seven major companies in the “Listening Platform” space, including Visible Technologies.‚  Two years ago, Visible Technologies was a mere afterthought to the report but now we have grown to be one of the biggest players.‚  Forrester reviewed our service in a very positive light, saying “Visible Technologies, a new entrant to the listening platform category, offers an impressive technology stack.‚  VIsible Technologies delivers strong reportign capabilities and is the vendor best positioned to extend social media analysis data and attributes into CRM systems.”‚  However, the Forrester Wave Report criticized our consulting service (we don’t‚  do consulting right now).‚  If Visible Technologies adds consulting to our amazing data technologies, we should be listed as the best in our field by the time the next Forrester Wave Report is issued.

The Visible Technologies offering profiled by the Forrester Wave Report is TruCast.‚  I currently work in the search engine optimization and reputation management (TruView) division of the company.‚  I spend a fair amount of time talking and socializing with the TruCast workers though and have gotten programming help from them now and again.‚  TruCast is a great Social Media Management solution that tracks the one million plus new articles posted to the web every day and allows companies to understand what people are saying about them.‚  I have seen some of the reports generated by TruCast and have been truly impressed- the amount of information distilled into easily understood formats by the engine is staggering.

Enough blogging about work, time to get something actually done :).

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