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Are you finding the right ecommerce solution for your business? Volusion is one of the top 4 ecommerce platforms (Bigcommerce being the best on the market).The impression that every ecommerce business tends to be same is absurd. For different ecommerce businesses the requirements vary. Some start with a home based business while others initiate it with a bigger investment. Volusion takes care of each one of them and has different packages in place.

For instance, it has a silver plan that offers a storage space for 1000 products, likewise, there are gold and platinum offers as well for bigger businesses. Volusion ecommerce solutions have been in place since 1999 and have planned their packages to perfection over the time in order to accommodate different businesses.

Furthermore, there is a lot of help that is offered alongside the packages. These include the live support, prepared templates, free live software upgrades, certified shopping carts and much more. Plus, you can also have live chat software along with a friendly search engine optimization. Besides, Volusion offers different other features when it comes to products, design, security, integrations, customer tools and live update. With so many features Volusion acts as a compact ecommerce solution that has a little something in store for almost everyone. Let’s have a glance at some of its unique traits that sets it apart from other competitors.

Ease of Setup with Volusion

There can be nothing easier then setting up a store with Volusion. All it needs is some of the basic information on your store which you have to enter into their store setup wizard. This way you will have access to the initial ground from where you can enter the internet marketplace.
With a constant check and balance trait, Volusion ensures the performance and security of your website to the right standards. Once the initial testing is complete, your store will be accessible online within two days. With your store ready for the launce, you can plan other things such as the products you wish to sell through your online store.

Ease of Usage with Volusion

With Volusion, all your business needs can be fulfilled with ease. The convenient menus and interface along with the quality customer service options adds up to ease of usage. Furthermore, any queries regarding the features could be answered from the elaborate FAQ section. Besides, they offer an extensive documentation for product manuals and videos on different training materials. Even after all that if you are left with any more queries then their 24 hour long helpline and chat rooms are there at your disposal.

Fraud Protection with Volusion

It’s with Volusion that you will find your online store completely secure. Volusion provides Cardholder Information Security Program protection which ensures the protection of your credit card data. Besides, if any customer upsets you, the option to ban him from the store resides with you. The integrated IP blocking security feature with Volusion can set you free from any such issues. Moreover, all your pages are protected by the secure socket layer encryption which guards against tampering and message forgery.

Templates & Designs with Volusion

Volusion Review
Volusion Review

You have to use Volusion to check for yourself how flexible its template system is. It offers some basic templates for free which you can easily modify according to your needs. It also offers some customization services in which they can make new designs for you. The best part is their template system is easier and much better than many other ecommerce solutions out there.

SEO with Volusion

It won’t be wrong to claim that Volusion is completely search engine optimized. As compared to its competitors, Volusion ecommerce solution has done a fine job with SEO so far. The big plus is that it allows you to customize Meta tags for search engines. This makes the category along with the product URL, quite SEO friendly. And this turns out to be a bonus for your store.

Final Word

To sum it all up, Volusion is laden with all the basic components needed for an ecommerce business. You can upload products, track inventory, and make purchase orders all with just one click.
My video analysis of different shopping cart solutions is below:

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