Weekend fun

Once again, I had a really enjoyable weekend. I spent most of it out playing in the sun and hanging out with my friends. On Friday I did a ton of exercise even though I was still sore from my workout with Fletch on Thursday; I rode my bike to work, ran for an hour at lunch and rode my bike home and then rode it over to Fletcher’s house in the evening. Later that night, the blue grass house and some of their friends had a garden party on campus where everyone dressed up nice and danced and drank wine and ate tasty food by candle light.

Saturday, Ashley helped me put my new seat on my bike. My roommate, Brent, had a birthday party at our condo and had lots of people come through throughout the afternoon and evening. Brent is very well connected and his friends were all interesting people. The director of the Seattle Men’s Chorus, the producer for Evening Magazine, the director of business travel for Weyerhauser/President of the Business Travel association (Brent was late for a flight once and she called the airline and they held the plane on the tarmac for him), Fox Sports Network anchorwoman, the vice president of product development for accenture, a german business owner (w/ $155 million in revenues last year) and a whole train of lawyers all came by. A big group of us stayed up late barbecuing and talking and drinking.

Yesterday (Sunday), I went to Alki Beach with Nick and a bunch of his friends and played volleyball all day in the hot sun. Last night was Fletcher’s big birthday dinner. We went to the new French restaurant Ian works at downtown, Campagne. It was pretty expensive, but well worth it. The food was some of the best I’ve had and we (Fletcher, me, Ashley, Ben, Ian and Diane) had great conversation all night. I think we were there for around four hours just talking and having fun. I must say this birthday was a lot classier than Fletch’s birthday last year when everybody got drunk and then went to a sushi restaurant and had a food fight lol. I’ll be putting up some pictures from last night when I get home tonight.

I have been reading a pretty interesting fictional book given to me by Ashley- “Geek Love” about a family of traveling carnies. The parents had purposely taken all sorts of drugs in order to have children who were “special”- Siamese twins, hunchbacks, scaly skin and other weird genetic abnormalties. I am about 3/4 of the way through it and I am both repulsed and fascinated by the author’s depiction of their life and the themes she pounds on.

I need to head to work now… there’ll be more to come later.

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