Where Racial Hatred Leads

The Lvov pogroms in Ukraine were targeted at Poles and Jews and antifascist Ukrainians.

I find it interesting to try to understand how both sides of the political divides between populists (I share some leanings here) and the left (I also share some leanings here).

This is an interesting article by a black woman about white privilege that at first I thought I would feel attacked by and disagree with but ended up making me reconsider this topic a bit. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/17/magazine/white-men-privilege.html

And on the other side of the political spectrum is an article showing how ridiculous making assumptions about someone’s privilege based on skin color is. https://time.com/85933/why-ill-never-apologize-for-my-white-male-privilege/

Ultimately, there is truth to the fact that I am treated better in America because I am white and because I am a man than those who aren’t. There is also truth to the studies showing economic background actually has more impact these days than skin color. And both of these factors are less important than your work ethic and integrity.

Humans have a terrifying history of villifying out groups… Even when those outgroups are the same color as you. We need to find ways to make sure disagreements and divides between groups are resolved with peaceful discussion rather than anger and hate that leads to the horrific violence in the pictures above.

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Joel Gross

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