Why Should I Be Grateful?

Sometimes people including myself find themselves asking “Why should I be grateful?”

I just finished reading a book, “The Forgotten Soldier”. It was an autobiography of a WW2 German soldier who fought the Russians on the eastern front. His story was a tale of 3 years of serious deprivation and horror. He watched the majority of his friends die, he froze sleeping outdoors in minus sixty degree temperatures, he starved as the Germans could not supply their troops, and he faced a constantly strengthening enemy gaining more and more troops / weapons / ammo while his side constantly weakened. He was under constant heavy artillery and rocket bombardment, and the Russians would regularly attack his positions with tank and heavy equipment for which he and his troops had no matching armor.

Asking the question again “Why should I be grateful?” when you compare your life to his takes on a different feeling. We have jobs, live in one of the largest global economic booms in history, live in the most advanced and liberal global society in history, have family and friends, access to better medical care than anyone else in history… life is good!

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.