The word “work” has so many different meanings to different people that it is useless without context. For me, work has metamorphosised from a damnation into an exultation. For the young Joel, work implied soul-crushing misery mostly because people forced me to do tasks that had no meaning to me: filling out forms at school, weeding gardens that would be full of weeds again two weeks later, and other silly tasks. As I grew older and started to determine my own tasks and started to see the end goals more clearly, work became more manageable. A skill I learned along the way is the ability to visualize long term goals and work at tasks for which there is no immediate results. Exercise, learning new technologies, and developing business ideas all don’t give immediate feedback, but have enormous long term benefits. Today, I have grown to love to work because I can see how it improves me as a person, helps me accomplish my goals and provides a deep satisfaction unattainable through laziness.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.