Zen Cart vs. Magento vs. Volusion – A Quick Glance

There are dozens of shopping carts and ecommerce solutions available on the internet and at times, it becomes difficult to choose one of them. It’s a jungle and many may look similar from the outside. So before deciding on one, lets have a quick preview and explore their main features.

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Zen Cart is a free online software that helps you maintain a professional and robust shopping cart. It supports numerous add-ons which are publicly available to download from website. Zen Cart offers you a wide range of products as well as many templates and customized theme. You can easily install them and change your color scheme and layout. Apart from that, Zen Cart allows you to create special and featured products in bulk and manage your stock levels.
Magneto offers a flexible and comprehensive ecommerce platform which provides powerful marketing tools, catalog management single administration panel to control multiple websites and stores. You now only have one background to manage multiple websites – it can’t get easier than this. Other features that Magneto offers include layered navigation, free shipping options, friendly search engine URLs, APIs for integration with third party, as well as Content Management System to maintain informational pages.
Volusion is a powerful and versatile all-in-one shopping cart solution which means you don’t have to spend extra money while you are integrating other functionalities. One enhanced feature of Volusion is an automated confirmation email that sends you an email when a purchase is made. Buyers expect this instantaneous feature of email confirmation and if it does not reside on your website, it might lower the confidence of your customer. Volusion also has another feature called Integrate Easy Editor which allows you to create WebPages easily and lets you choose your desired theme and template.

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