Zwift Weight Cheaters

My two year old son weighs nearly 20 kg and is by no means overweight… The 34 kg Skul kid looks like he is at least 12 in his photos and much heavier. Maybe Zwift should have separate kids races so they can just cheat against each other there.

It’s ridiculous for an elite A riders averaging 5 wkg and 362 watts over a race to loseā€¦

I’ve got my scale hooked up so it automatically updates Strava and Zwift, maybe they could put an indicator in for anybody who does that?

It’s too easy too easy to game otherwise. Hell, I am even tempted some days not to get on the scale if I am feeling slightly heavier.

That reminds me, it’s super important to think of all the ways people will hack your systems when you design them. For example, I know a guy who massaged his numbers in his business so that he moved expenses from one quarter to another in order to qualify for a 1.7 million dollar PPP loan, which he subsequently had forgiven.

That’s another reason. I am a fan of free markets with lots of competition… Then you have counterparties who are equally interested in making sure you play fair. In Zwift, other races are equally interested counterparties but they have no way checking and Zwift itself doesn’t care about anything but keeping that subscription revenue flowing and growing.

Can you tell I’ve had my pre-race caffeine?

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.