2008: A Retrospective

The year 2008 was a positive one for me.‚  I have made great advances for myself in many areas, from business to social to physical to mental to emotional.‚  The world in general did not fair so well- economies collapsed, wars started and grew,‚  people were discriminated against (Prop. 8 in Cali), freedoms were lost and religions flourished.

Joel’s 2008 Highlights:

  • Web knowledge greatly increased.
  • Fitness improved.
  • Happier than ever before.
  • Double platinum status achieved.
  • Weekly dinners with good friends maintained.
  • Many good movies seen.
  • Great new friends gained.
  • Vacations had- Vegas, LA, Packwood, Suncadia twice.
  • Received 1,000 unique blog visitors in January 2008, received 50,000 unique blog visitors in December 2008.

Joel 2008 Lowlights:

  • Income not increased enough.
  • Not enough free time.
  • Wrists & forearms still hurt.
  • Not enough business networking.
  • Passing of Chunks & Unbroken.
  • Josh still stuck in bad situation.

Global 2008 Lowlights:

  • Bailout of Wall Street.
  • Bailout of automotive companies.
  • Terrorists attacks in Mumbai.
  • Rapid spread of radical Islam.
  • Loss of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan.
  • Anti-American sentiments grow worldwide.
  • U.S. economy enters recession.
  • Huge swindles continue (Madoff, Social Security)
  • Massive drug benefits given, not paid for.

Global 2008 Highlights:

  • Election of first African-American President Barack Obama
  • Michael Phelps swims like a fish.
  • iPhone 3G released.

Hopefully we will have more Global Highlights than Global Lowlights next year.‚  How was everyone else’s 2008?

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.