5 Need-to-Knows for Mobile Design Beginners

These days, mobile web design is no longer optional. As more and more of people’s web surfing happens on the go, there is a major shift toward the flexible convenience of mobile search. If you’re in the businesses of web design or search engine optimization, however, this means that you must confront the reality that people use mobile internet in a fundamentally different way than they use the internet on desktop and laptop computers. This means that you and your Los Angeles custom web design team have to design and optimize your mobile website differently.

Two Reasons You Need to Implement Mobile Web Design Now

If you still need convincing that your company needs to implement quality mobile web design and search optimization:

  • Mobile search is on pace to surpass desktop search: The dramatic pace at which mobile search has increased in use has it poised to become the dominant form of search. This means that mobile is your company’s future, whether you’re prepared for it or not.

  • Mobile is becoming a search engine ranking factor: Sites that are optimized for mobile perform better in searches than those that aren’t. This factor is only becoming more important in Google’s algorithms.

If you don’t implement mobile web design, your site’s rankings are guaranteed to suffer in the future. But there are a number of new design concerns that you’ll have to consider as you implement mobile. For Southern California business owners, this often means that the best solution is hiring a Los Angeles custom web design firm to help you develop a successful mobile presence.

Three Design Concerns Unique to the Mobile Web

Since people use the mobile web differently, mobile web design has some significant unique qualities. For example, since people tend to use the mobile web on the go, speed is often a greater factor. This is just one of several design concerns that are unique to mobile web.

  • The Speed Factor: On-the-go searches need to be as fast as possible. If your mobile website runs slowly for any reason, it’s going to be overtaken by competitors that can provide answers more quickly.

  • Responsive Design: Since different screen sizes make a difference in the user experience, the best way to optimize your website for mobile is by using responsive design. Responsive design causes your website to react based on the screen width of the device it’s being accessed from, without losing any features or functionality. Responsive design makes things easier for you too, because your mobile and desktop sites use the same programming, file system, URL, and database.

  • Mobile Sub-Domains: If responsive design isn’t an option for your company, you can create a separate mobile sub-domain. Although this duplicates pages, Google search doesn’t punish you for it.

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