Dissecting Your SEO Audit

Benefits of Conducting an SEO Audit

Since the SEO landscape is always shifting, there is always something that can be improved. One of the best ways that you and your Los Angeles marketing consultants can devise a plan for improving your business’s SEO is by beginning with an SEO audit to identify the areas in your website’s SEO that need the most work. A thorough SEO audit involves hundreds of different considerations, but some are more important than others. These are the six areas that you should focus on most specifically during your SEO audit:


  • Mobile capabilities

  • Site speed

  • Canonical URLs

  • 404s

  • Link profile

  • Google Analytics

Never Forget to Think About Mobile Separately

The truth is that people use mobile internet in a fundamentally different way than they use desktop internet. This means that you need different SEO strategies that respond to the different ways that people search on mobile devices. Moreover, it’s an absolute necessity to have a site that responds to screen size and presents a mobile-optimized experience to anyone accessing it from a device.

Google has admitted that site speed plays into rankings, and this can be particularly important in mobile contexts when on-the-go people are looking for a fast answer. Google’s PageSpeed Test is a handy tool that you can use to assess whether you need to work on site speed: aim to be in the top 25%.

Make Sure Your Website is Error Free

If your website presents a large number of 404 errors (meaning that the desired page cannot be located), search engines are likely to downgrade its rankings, because it seems untrustworthy. When you conduct your SEO audit, identify 404s and make sure you follow up by deleting links to non-existent pages. Additionally, make sure that the pages of your site have a canonical, or preferred URL. To ensure that your SEO audit serves you immediately and in the future, make sure that Google Analytics are set up and installed properly on all of your pages.


Look Out for Outdated SEO Tactics

Los Angeles marketing consultants should be aware of the constant changes in the SEO landscape and be able to identify outdated SEO techniques on your site that may end up getting your company penalized in search rankings. Tactics should include:

  • Analyzing your link profile to make sure your links come from quality sources.

  • Paying attention to anchor text as well as sources to make sure the majority of your incoming links use the brand name or URL as the anchor text.

Choosing Los Angeles Marketing Consultants for an SEO Audit

Though there are many automated tools that will conduct an SEO audit for your website, the best way to ensure thorough results is getting a manual audit from an experienced SEO professional. Coalition Technologies has experience doing SEO for thousands of pages. Our Los Angeles marketing consultants have helped local and distant businesses vastly improve their online profile, increasing traffic and revenue. Call the team at (877) 989-7187 today to get a free quote and find out how Los Angeles marketing consultants can help you.


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