5 Reasons Why You Need to Pay Attention to Graphic Design

In the rush to achieve ranking dominance on organic search results, many businesses and marketers often miss a crucial component of the successful online marketing campaign: the actual visual appeal and impact of the marketing message. This is a surprising oversight considering the vibrant visual nature of the Internet and the responsiveness of the human brain to visual information. Here are 5 reasons you should pay attention to graphic design in your campaign according to top Los Angeles graphic designers.

1. Good Graphics Hold User Attention

Web users like to look at good graphic design, and information is taken in much more easily if it is skillfully organized graphically and visually appealing. However a good graphic designer knows that it requires a careful balance between visual appeal and function. You want to make sure your web visitors are enjoying themselves, but ultimately finding their way to the products and services they need.

2. User Experience Matters

Our Los Angeles graphic designers understand that user experience is crucial to any marketing effort. This means providing an intuitive and appealing user interface on your website that allows your users to order the products they want with ease, or request the services they need. Site organization can mean the difference between customers coming back for more or switching to another business; it all depends on their experience with ordering your products and services.

3. Brands are as Visual as they are Meaningful

There is certainly a lot of power behind the reputation of a given brand, but brands also impress themselves on the consumer by conveying a memorable visual message. Your brand should communicate vividly what you want your business to be about, and it should be able to do this as soon as the consumer sees the logo. Your website should also reflect the visual feel of your brand with a consistent message. This is something that our talented Los Angeles graphic designers can help you with.

4. Catering to Potential Users

Good graphic design means building a website that works on every device, whether by building a dedicated site for each device or implementing responsive web design which works on different screens. More and more users are browsing the net with mobile phones and tablets, so you want to reach as many of these converts as possible.

5. Graphics Matter to Search Engines Too

Our Los Angeles graphic designers stress that graphic design even applies to search engine rankings. Site organization is judged by search algorithms, and good site organization keeps users on your site and returning for more, which also can be measured by search algorithms. Having a visually appealing brand and website can be measured both directly and indirectly by algorithms, and satisfied users contribute to your general search rankings.

Call a Professional

Want to take advantage of top notch graphic design to enhance your online marketing campaign, or do you need to overhaul your website or brand image? We recommend enlisting the services of Coalition Technologies’ skilled Los Angeles graphic designers to maximize the gains from your investment. Good graphic design keeps on giving by providing your users with a positive experience and encouraging them to return, while also appealing to search engines and increasing your visibility. Give us a call at 1-888-840-3469 for a free quote.


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