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A few years ago, I don’t think that I would have known that I’d be the head of a company that would be in the business of building social networks. But today, I’m excited to announce the launch of the social network.

I’m sure more than one of you will be asking why in the heck anyone would build a social network with the billions in capital that Facebook and Google have to throw at their platforms? How can you possibly compete?

Normally, I’d say you’re right, the idea is outrageous, but there is a few great things about that help it stand out in the very crowded social networking space.

First and foremost, let’s not pretend that we really like Facebook as a company or as a platform. The new timeline feature / layout sucks, it’s never really converted well for any business, and all of the advertising revenue feeds the company. Don’t even start in on the disastrous information gathering that Facebook calls a privacy policy. If you get down to it, not many people actually like Facebook. It’s just that everyone is there and all of your information is there. Other than that, most people probably wouldn’t stick with Facebook. Besides, it’s practically the new MySpace with equal #’s of scammers and sexual predators chatting up your kids!

Obviously other companies have tried the social networking thing, some with bigger budgets than others. Google being most prominent among them. And Google + has been a drag along ‘success’ (meaning not really successful). IF they couldn’t do it, why would AtomicMe be any different?

The answer is simple- AtomicMe .com incentivizes people to be there. Rather than hogging all of the ad money for itself, AtomicMe is built around the idea that if you’re interesting enough, you can make money yourself. AtomicMe allows you to aggregate your videos, photos, and even games or other apps in one place and then cash in on them! Instead of hoarding billions for itself, its built on the premise that you as the user can earn back money for drawing more people to your page.

There is a great launch contest running now. AtomicMe will be giving away $1000 in a launch contest to the most voted profile by the end of July.

Check it out. Visit and sign up for your profile today and enter the contest!

I know my team at Coalition is proud of this project and are happy to have our fingerprints all over its design and development. Congratulations to Jeremy Jason as well on this amazing success.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.