Who Am I?

Email to my team, minus the one retarded bit:

As we grow I want to make sure that every person on our team understands the business, our goals and feel understands where I am coming from.

I am completely dedicated to this business. Here is my Monday-friday schedule:

7:15am wake up

7:35 start work

1pm nap to refresh my brain

6:30 CrossFit workout

8 half the time I work till bed, other half I read or watch movie


9am- management meeting till 11 or 12

Generally 4-8 additional hours of work


Average of 4 hours


I have maintained this as a steady schedule for over two and a half years and I have no intention of changing this at any point.  I love what I do and am building it into who I am.  I will of course take breaks and vacations such as yesterday when I went and climbed the Cactus to the Clouds trail in Palm Springs (8,500 vertical feet, 12 miles of marching straight uphill) or when I visited Mexico City and investigated opening a development office there a couple of weeks ago.  But there is nothing else I am interested in doing besides growing and strengthening this business. It’s my job, hobby, baby, and pet all wrapped into one.

I am thoroughly committed to this company and to helping our team be the best in the world.

I realize the company greatest asset, even more than our clients, is you the team members. I appreciate your efforts and your intelligence.  I have handpicked every single one of you because I believed in you and your abilities to make Coalition even better.

In order for us to succeed, our team needs to be professional, productive, and improving constantly.  Each one of you relies on me to surround you with talented people who meet the qualifications I just mentioned.  If we don’t have the best team, our competition will knock us out and everyone will lose their salary and job security.  If it seems like I am harsh sometimes, it is only because I care about the team and have to make sure that each member is professional, productive, and improving constantly.

What does it mean to be professional, productive, and improving constantly?

  • Professional: An expert who maintains a high quality and volume of work while following certain behaviors:
    • Understands that as a paid team member, their first duty is to build and protect the company
    • Considerate of colleagues and customers; polite, kind, friendly even to people they don’t like
    • Reliable. Shows up every single day, gets projects done on time, exhibits stability
  • Productive: Maximizing the work output you are capable of over a long period of time. Eliminating distractions and helping others around you to produce more themselves.
  • Improving constantly: Our industry is very fast moving and in three years we will have an entirely different set of activities to do than we are doing today. If you want to stay on the team, you need to keep yourself on the cutting edge of new technologies and be prepared for shifts.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.