BigCommerce or Volusion Shopping Carts

Both the BigCommerce and Volusion are shopping carts that have spent years in development, and strive to give customers the best and most efficient online shopping experience. Yet when comparing them… Let’s see who wins the battle.  Or you can read the comprehensive shopping cart platform comparison here.

First comes the price. The price comparison of both Volusion and BigCommerce is not really elaborative. Nearly both of them have similar prices. Both also offer free trials, yet the periods of these differ as Volusion offers 14 days whereas BigCommerce offers 15 days. Plus, the set up costs of either service are hardly different from one another. Volusion charges $49.00, while BigCommerce charges $49.95. However, the basic difference lies in the amount products allowed per GB. Volusion allows 25 products per GB whereas BigCommerce allows a whopping 100 products in 2 GBs.

Now comes the design of the shopping carts. The design of Volusion is not up-to-date, properly optimized or attractive. On the contrary, BigCommerce offers a pleasant user interface. Plus, it gives you usable and friendlier looking templates to work with. You also have a choice getting these templates for free, or have them customized for you with the help of FTP access to your site. In addition, the admin area of BigCommerce is better than Volusion. Whereas BigCommerce displays clean and more intuitive information there, Volusion only shows limited data.

Search Engine Optimization is another big thing. BigCommerce has that area covered. Whereas Volusion doesn’t make use of impressive query strings and Product ID’s, BigCommerce provides cleaner URLs by using the product name as the page.

BigCommerce is believed to display improvements in the near future. The upcoming version 6 is going to more successful thanks to multiple warehouse, drop shipping, Mail Chimp integration, pre-order, back order, iPad and iPhone support, and eBay integration. All these features make BigCommerce better than Volusion, and also better than other shopping carts.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.