BigCommerce versus Magento: Best Shopping Cart

If you’re thinking about

Magento Versus BigCommerce
Magento Versus BigCommerce

comparing between BigCommerce and Magento, you will soon discover how BigCommerce manages to finish first when Magento somewhat lags behind in the race.  If you want to see reviews of all shopping cart ecommerce platforms click here.

Magento is a useful shopping cart, and its best quality lies in that do not have to register yourself in order to use it. Whereas most shopping carts require users to sign in, with Magento you can click on the “Checkout as guest” option to look at the products. Moreover, Magento also offers good and easy checkout processes. It is done through an interactive one-page, 6 step process that is clearly defined. Magento clearly displays product availability for the users. Thus users will be spared from encountering the problem of not finding the products they like. Aside from all that, this shopping cart application provides online businessmen with technical support whenever they need it.

On the other hand, BigCommerce outclasses all such advantages. BigCommerce is designed by SEO experts, which means that its search engine visibility is assured and quite enhanced. This also means that it is able to get millions of customers without any difficulty. Secondly, the design of the shopping cart is one of the software’s strongest features. You can easily customize the design simple drag and drop options. Moreover, BigCommerce is the most sough after option for sellers because it does not charge any transaction fee and there are no hidden costs. This means that the application is straight forward and lacks any secrets which can surprise business owners. As for data security, BigCommerce proves that it is better than Magento. The security of your data is the first priority for BigCommerce thus the software implements modern encryption techniques similar to those used by banks and the military.

With all that, BigCommerce wins the competition and proves that it is better than Magento.

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  1. I have built large sites on both Bigcommerce and Magento. You can customize Magento to do anything, but you can also break Magento to do nothing. If you have a team of developers Magento is amazing, but with great power comes great responsibility. Be ready to spend big bucks on a server and be very very careful with your website. Bigcommerce is hard to break you can hand a store owner full admin rights and walk away. If you need something really different Magento, but if it’s a standard E-Commerce store Bigcommerce.

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