I just put up my first income-generating (hopefully) website. It sells F-150 Grille Guards. I am pretty concerned though, because it follows the profile of a “doorway/entry” page. An entry page is a site that is purely made to push traffic from the search engines through to another sales website (in my case AutoAnything). Search engines generally try to ban these as quickly as they can, because some spammers churn out 100,000 pages of them per day. My website actually has some unique, good content written for it, so hopefully this doesn’t happen to me. The awesome thing is is that any sales made on the Auto Anything website within 45 days of the visitor first coming from my site to theirs, I get an 8% commission on and with an average grille costing several hundred dollars, my profit could add up quickly.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.