I posted my apartment on Craigslist yesterday and have had a lot of people come by and look at it. The first girl came by when it was only partially cleaned and was obviously horrified and left quickly. I continued to clean for another couple of hours, cleaning the matches, dirt, food and other unsavory items from my carpet. My roommates have to be the two most disgusting people I’ve ever met in my entire life. Some mornings, I’ll get up and walk out and find Jake sitting on this broken down nasty yellow chair (which I threw away yesterday) smoking a cigarette in the damned apartment! Shawn smokes weed nearly continuously and then just vegs out in front of my TV. Everything in the apartment is mine; those guys contributed absolutely nothing. I can’t wait to get out. I had another guy come by last night and say he was very interested, so that’s cool. The sooner I can move out the better.

I am looking at some pretty cool places today, the first one is a 1900 sq. ft. loft with 13 foot ceilings and new carpeting, paint and hardwood floors downtown with a view of the water. Sounds pretty sweet, but it costs $2100 a month, so I will need a roommate or two if I get it. This time around, I’m going to have an extensive roommate interviewing process to make sure i don’t get screwed again. Or better yet, I’ll just get a place by myself.

I feel kind of bad for whoever is going to move into my old apartment, but I suppose better them than me, eh? 😉

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